Medano: Sand City Survive, Earn, Repeat

Medano: Sand City is one of 2 projects developed by Medano Game Studios. Sand City is a multiplayer survival game where you can earn and create cosmetics in the form of NFTs. Join your friends and earn crypto together!

Medano: Sand City Survive, Earn, Repeat

Medano: Sand City is one of 2 projects developed by Medano Game Studios. Sand City is a multiplayer survival game where you can earn and create cosmetics in the form of NFTs. Join your friends and earn crypto together!

The future of gaming

Medano Game Studios Gives 100% of all our games revenue to our tokenholders!

At Medano Game Studios we know that ownership of digital products is the future. But not only that, we believe that the players in our community should be the ones rewarded for our games success.
That's why we decided to give 100% of all our games their revenue to our token holders! Meaning:

  • Mobile Game Everytime a mainstream mobile gamer watches an ad in God of Sheep mobile our token holders earn crypto!
  • Season pass NFTs everytime a player buys an NFT Seasonpass our holders earn 100% of the crypto!
  • Create cosmetics Create your own cosmetics with our in game modding system and earn crypto when people buy it!
  • limited Edition NFT Characters Collect all NFT Characters each season and uncover their personal Easter Eggs for even more NFT loot!

Sand City

Uncover Secrets

hidden in the sands

Your client offered you a ticket to Eden city upon recovery of the target. It's your mission to find professor Badawi`s last remains and recover the hard wallet from sand city.

Uncover easter eggs and earn limited edition NFT`s each season.
Test your skills to the limit with trials and earn crypto by getting highscores.
Build your own settlement together with friends!

Medano: Sand City

How does it work?

Play to earn
Create to earn
Blockchain powered
Own to earn


Create to earn

Medano gives you the opportunity to create or modify game assets and sell them in the game as NFTs.

Play To Earn

Earn NFT's randomly by simply playing the game, Or join the hunt and be one of the first to discover a limited edition Easter egg NFT.

Own To Earn

Medano plans to revolutionize the Crypto space with our new earning model. Each and every Medano token holder earns their fair percentage on 100% of our game's Fiat and crypto revenue.

Mobile games

Medano is proud to announce our first mobile project: God of Sheep. A mainstream mobile game with NFT based cosmetics and a twist! 100% of the ad revenue generated by mainstream players goes to our token holders!

Machine Learning A.I.

Medano plans to keep our gameplay challenging and fun for every player by having machine learning A.I. technologies integrated into our PVE game modes.(round based survival mode)

Next-Gen Games

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Medano is able to create beautiful and dynamic game worlds. Bringing mainstream gaming and crypto together!


Road Map

February 2022

The year started of strong with our first marketing push and our websites going live. God of Sheep mobile Alpha gameplay trailer is also released.

march 2022

Sand city: First round based trial level enters testing phase for our upcoming demo release, expected to launch in August. God of Sheep Demo is finished and ready to be shown.

August 2022

Sand City demo launches only for crypto holders. Another gameplay trailer launches with a sneak peek into our open world. More focus will go to the open world development. God of sheep goes live on Google And Apple appstores. Holders will start earning crypto on ads in God of sheep Mobile.

december 2022

The year will go out with a bang with the launch of our in game object modifier and the decentralized voting system. This will make it possible for the players to create their own NFT's, which with enough votes will be put in the game.

January 2023

Medano has turned 1 year old! And because of this, we will be giving out lots of gifts to our loyal players. Limited edition NFT's will be given out randomly to token holders. The open world should be in testing for the upcoming beta release of the game.

August 2023

The launch of Sand City Beta. Coupled with a new marketing campaign to get in more mainstream players. From now on a lot of resources will go to updates and patches for the game.


The full launch of Medano Sand City. Massive adaptation of NFTs in gaming. More projects incoming...

Founders pass Sand City

Playable NFT Characters Season 1:

Our Mobile Game: God of Sheep

God of sheep is the first mainstream mobile game scheduled for release on the Medano Platform. The game will be released on all mobile appstores. The NFT part of the game is only visible for adults interested in the NFT version of the game. All the ad revenue of the mobile game will be used to buy Medano tokens and redistribute them fairly amongst our token holders.

  1. Earn your fair share of our revenue by simply owning Medano Tokens!
  2. Earn or buy limited edition NFT cosmetics that you really own!
  3. Breed your sheep to get better statts and sell them for crypto to other players.



Token Sale

  • Wallet:0x82A70e626729060c156A49963920D4772eEE2A56
  • Token name:Medano
  • Ticker Symbol:MDO
  • Total tokens:100.000.000
  • Fairlaunch Tokens:40.000.000
  • Liquidity pool 20.400.000
General description

Medano (MDO) will be released on the BSC network and will fully comply with all standards.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.


Token Distribution

Allocation of funds

Total token supply - 100.000.000

  • 20.4% Liquidity Pool
  • 40% Fair Launch (Pinksale)
  • 33.8% Team-Vesting Locked
  • 5.8% Private-Sale


Awesome Team Leaders

Founder / Lead Game Designer
Co-founder / Marketing & Web developer
Mobile Tech Lead
Communications & Operations manager
Tokenomics advisor
Designer & NFT Artist
Doctor Dexo
community Manager


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